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BuddhaAround 200 B.C. a spiritual form of Yoga emerged in India which described a subtle substance of body, in addition to the gross substance of flesh and bone, that coils around the spine in two separate "filaments", one of feminine and the other of masculine energy; they cross at seven nodal points, or energy bundles, which are known as Chakras. If an energy centre becomes blocked, a specific emotional and physical problem arises. To heal the body, mind and spirit, is to bring the chakras into alignment and balance.

Through a series of specific physical yoga exercises: twists, turns, stretches, meditations and other techniques, the chakras are brought back into alignment and balance.

Vintage Locket Prayer Box PendantHere at Chakra Hub, our focus is on the main symbols of Yoga, Buddhism and Hinduism. In particular, what the symbols are and why it is important for practitioners to know them and their significance. We offer the opportunity to acquire them, here, in genuine 925, 990 and 999 silver. We are surrounded by symbols and we use them to add meaning to our lives. In Yoga, Buddhism and Hinduism symbols serve the same purpose; they add meaning to our understanding, our practice and are significant part of our traditions.

Real Solid 99.9% Silver Unisex Buddhist BraceletWe are told by Indian mystics that those who commit, passionately and sincerely, to regular Yoga, Buddhism and Hinduism practice, will eventually come to experience and become aware of a variety of universal forces or energies operating within and without them. Symbols are used to represent these different forces, energies or ideologies and are called SPIRITUAL SYMBOLS!

The symbols remind the practitioners of the right universal force to focus his or her attention and intention on, leading eventually, to elevating herself to a higher state of consciousness and bringing about deeper meaning and insight into her life. Please refer to our blog page https://chakrahub.com/blogs/news for details on: OM, Hamsa & Evil Eye, Lotus Flower, Buddha, Mandela, Chakra and Namaste.

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