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It is essential for each practitioner to get to know the 7 common yoga symbols and their significance. Our lives are full of symbols and we use them to add meaning to our lives. Yogis use symbols to serve the same purpose ...  they add meaning to our understanding and practice of yoga and are a significant part of the yoga tradition. The symbols we will look at represent: OM, Hamsa & Evil Eye, Lotus Flower, Buddha, Mandela, Chakra and Namaste. Indian mystics have stated that yogis who commit, passionately and sincerely, to regular yoga practice will eventually come to...

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OM, AUM or OHM - Universal Sound

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Yoga sessions should begin and end with the OM mantra or vibration. It is the way to re-link yourself to your Ground Of Being. When pronounced correctly, OM has four syllables and is pronounced AUM. Watch this video below by the Isha Foundation. The Mystic and Visionary, Sadhguru, explains that Aum is the universal sound and is not religious in nature. He shows us how it can be found, across the world, in various traditions - including Christianity and Islam - and more importantly he demonstrates how the AUM sound should be made.     The Om or AUM symbol represents the all encompassing cosmic consciousness,...

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